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When seconds count … Count on us!

Ground Ambulances

Medically necessary ground ambulances to and between hospitals, whether you are home or away from home. Always call 9-1-1

Helicopter Ambulances  

At home or traveling, medically necessary helicopters to and between hospitals. Always call 9-1-1

Fixed Wing Air Ambulances  

(Medically staffed airplanes or jets). At home or away, fixed wing flights are for hospital to hospital transports 100 miles or more away from your location when adequate treatment is not available locally or your attending physician requires that you receive specialized care.

Minor Children Coverage

Your minor unmarried children, up to age 18 living at home or age 23 attending college, are fully covered for all services under our “Family Plan”.

Minor Children Return

A medical emergency can leave your minor children/grandchildren stranded. MASA will provide air transportation home and, when necessary, an attendant will accompany them to ensure their safe return.

Companion Transportation

MASA will arrange for your spouse, family member or companion to accompany you during flight, space permitting.

Vehicle Return  

Your privately owned or rented vehicle left unattended 100 miles or more away from home as the result of a medical  emergency will be returned to your home using licensed, bonded and insured drivers.

Mortal Remains Return

When a member dies while 100 miles or more away from home MASA will provide air transportation for the return of the  member’s remains and, when applicable, the return of the member’s vehicle.


When away from home, should you and your treating physician determine that recuperation in a hospital nearer your home is feasible air transportation will be provided.


If you are unable to drive/ride home after hospitalization MASA will provide air transportation for your return home.

Non-Injury Transport

When you are hospitalized away from home for 7 days or more you can select a family member to be flown round trip to the location where you are hospitalized.

Organ Transplant Services

When time and medical necessity dictates, should you require a major organ transplant MASA will fly the organ recipient and the organ to the location of the operation.

Pet Return  

MASA also returns your pets. Due to several factors outside of the control of MASA we cannot always guarantee the pet return.

MASA’s Services

-  Retirees

-  Farmers, ranchers

-  Those who travel including:

Snowbirds (winter travelers) RV’ers

Business travelers

Overseas travelers


-  Outdoor/recreational activities:

ATV’s, motorcycling, off roading,

boating, rafting, horseback riding,

camping, fishing, hiking, climbing,

diving, skiing, golfing.

Virtually everyone can use a MASA membership at some point, and a MASA membership can be especially vital for:

Member Services

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